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HOW SAFE IS THE WATER YOU DRINK? It is a natural occurring compound that is ubiquitous in nature. Nothing is as refreshing as taking a bottle of chilled water after a hectic day. You may be to conversant with water thereby neglecting it’s components. As big as it may appear, it can be isolated into molecules. Each molecule is simply made of two elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen in the ratio of 1:2 respectively. By weight, it consists of 11.1888% Hydrogen and 88.812% Oxygen, if and only if it is pure. WHY THE CRUSADE FOR PURE WATER? Human life has been under threat since the existence of man on earth. Majority of the threat comes from what we consume. Majority of what we consume is water or water-related either in carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks, or any drink at all. To this effect, a lot of organisations like WHO, UNICEF, Governmental and Non Governmental Agencies have come up with some standards to ensure that the water we take in is fit for the body. You may say “I get my water from th…